Rapid Application Prototyping With Bubble.Io (Revised for 2020)

A lot of the things you see around you today are birthed from ideas—your favorite film, the couch you like sitting on the most, your favorite ice cream combination. Each one of these is enjoyed because a concept comes to life. The very same thing happens with web and mobile applications. A leader thinks of something, throws in the digits to get it rolling, and then hopefully sees the light of day at some point in a tedious timeline. 

But building apps is often never easy and fast. Traditional app development is often associated with a whole lot of research, large teams of tech experts doing the work, and several weeks and months of writing code to get right. Naturally, these include designing prototypes built with multiple pages and functionalities, gathering feedback, and then doing the entire process again until everything’s good to go!

While this process has been the accepted method of building apps, it’s starting to become outdated. Innovations in tech are making it much easier and faster to launch digital products, eliminating the stress and time it would normally take to create something as technically elaborate as an application. This is precisely where bubble.io comes in. A stunningly competent no-code programming platform, bubble.io‘s take on conventional app development is a system we refer to as Rapid Application Prototyping (RAP).

As the name suggests, we take away the hours and complexity conventional app development normally takes, and allow developers, creatives, and your everyday entrepreneur to launch applications in as quickly as they can.

What is bubble.io?

To fully grasp what bubble.io is, let’s take a look at Microsoft and Apple. Now, it doesn’t take a tech fanatic to understand that the most fundamental similarity these giant brands have introduced to the world is computing accessibility. Through these massive corporations, we now go about communication differently. From smartphones to laptops to tablets, the way we relate to each other and approach work and entertainment have become simplified and amplified all at the same time.

All that said, it’s easy to take our technology skills for granted. These days, anyone can draft an essay on Word and key in numbers on Excel, maybe even create beautiful graphic posters with Adobe Photoshop. But did you know that each of these processors and software applications is based on code? So much so, that computers wouldn’t have anything to run if it weren’t for code.

Consider bubble.io a breakthrough in software engineering, as this is a platform that extends rapid application development. In other words, Bubble has every capacity to turn your ideas into a sustainable, profit-generating web and mobile application in a matter of days or hours!

Through a unified framework that seamlessly ties together workflow functions, data, and UI, you can also add an incalculable number of third-party APIs and close to 900 plugins! So, really, the privilege here isn’t just getting an astonishing app that’s designed to deliver, it’s also being able to utilize an incredibly robust application development platform masterfully built to create prototypes at hyper speed!

Why The Old Way No Longer Works

Don’t get us wrong, the creation of prototypes will always be reliant on iteration—testing an idea, gathering feedback, and then repeating the entire process until the desired outcome is achieved. Simply put, iteration isn’t what’s wrong with traditional prototyping today. It’s that it can take such a long time to get done. And if there’s anything modern times have taught us, it’s that every second we put to waste is a dollar out the window. In essence, coding isn’t agile; it naturally consumes a lot of anyone’s business time.

This is why rapid prototyping is such a breath of fresh air: it speeds up the entire prototyping process without damaging the quality of your finished product. Every entrepreneur knows that speed and agility are irreversible traits in modern businesses.

Rapid Prototyping With Bubble.Io

Most businesses and brands use tools like Adobe XD and InVision to build their mockups, UX wireframes, and other similar projects. And quite frankly, these tools are spectacular. You can build the entire app’s front end and beautify every angle of detail and design you intend your app to look and feel like. However, these experience design tools take time. InVision, in particular, is perfect for clickable prototypes, but why settle with that? bubble.io allows you to take that exact same clickable prototype to the next level by providing real, functioning workflows and data storage!

Undeniably so, the leading benefit you get from prototyping with Bubble is collaboration—the pillar of modern business success. Instead of having multiple teams work on the prototype separately, everyone can work on the same project simultaneously. This, my friends, is exactly like what rapid prototyping looks like.

What Does This Do For The Development Process?

Ask anyone in tech, and immediately they will tell you that eliminating the back-and-forth between teams and various developers is a feat in itself. If you’ve ever worked on an app project as a designer, a developer, or a project manager, you’ll know for sure how frustrating this process can be. The whole exchange of ideas in progress can be overwhelming for everyone involved, and this frustration can trickle down to delays. As a matter of fact, most small prototypes can take more than a year for tech teams to complete. This can span even longer when larger proof of concepts are on the line.

Although this is commercially acceptable, it certainly isn’t feasible for small business owners and rising entrepreneurs. Imagine what changes and updates could’ve taken place if you only had access to the project while it was being developed. Half a year is a long time, not to mention costly, too.

With Bubble.io, you can access the project during the development process and, in collaboration with the developers, while simultaneously working on bettering the app.

Isn’t that something to look forward to?

Rapid Application Prototyping

To the regular Joe, the capacity for multiple tech professionals to concurrently work together on a project may not seem all that much. But all seasoned developers and designers know how superbly vital this collaboration is for web and mobile app development.

Still, given all this progress and the breakthrough we’re extending, we’re proud to say that Bubble is merely scratching the surface. Considering how far-reaching the no-code platform is, the possibilities are infinite.

Quickly turning your ideas to proof of concept will give you the competitive edge you need to get your prototypes built, improve your business process, and get ahead of your competitors. With Bubble, application prototyping has been made truly easy and agile.

So get hold of your vision, and build it now with Bubble.

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