Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Development Team for Your App Project (Part 2)

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Question 5: How talented are the developers who’ll be developing my app?

On the get-go, this may seem like a funny question. But it won’t be a laughing matter if your costly app ends up in shambles. You need to make sure that the professionals you’ll be paying your hard-earned money to have the capacity to create a functional app, complete with your design and desired features. Fairly so, all types of agencies—from advertising to tech—have some sort of talent classifications. Determine the agency’s senior-to-junior ratio and find out how many senior talents will be involved in your project, specifically.

If the agency you’re eyeing employs mostly junior developers, don’t drop the idea of working with them just yet. Ask them to walk you through their app development process and technology. Do they utilize no-code programming? Do they use How effective is their current timetable for projects? There are plenty of agencies that have up and coming developers with a lot of potential.

Being able to determine that yourself can come in handy. But how exactly do you do that? Ask for a list of the agency’s developers and IT staff, and look for the crucial information that constitutes competence and ability.

Check out your developers’ individual portfolios, relevant skillsets, downloadable CVs, education credentials, and social media handles. Aside from expertise, you’re also going to want to make sure if these are people you can trust with your vision. In an industry where people make money out of their ideas, you’re going to need to make sure your ideas remain yours.

Question 6: What happens after my app is launched?

Any entrepreneur knows that the job doesn’t end once the business is open to the public. Oppositely, this is when the actual work begins. The same thing applies to mobile applications.

So what happens after your app makes it to the marketplace?

Tech agencies like us here at make sure you get all resources you’ll need to be able to keep it running. Our lines are always open should you need further assistance, too. Prioritize a tech agency that doesn’t just meet you where you are but takes you where you need to be. When your app is up and running, it’s essentially a live product that’ll demand perpetual maintenance. That means your tech agency should extend maintenance support and back-up technology, as well. Payment arrangements may vary from weekly, monthly, to what have you. What matters is that continuous support is present. New release costs, bug-issue updates, and post-launch support should all be accounted for.

Question 7: Do you share my vision?

It’s crucial that the tech agency you’re collaborating with shares your vision. From understanding the ins and outs of your target market to being onboard with your business model, it’s imperative that your app team completely knows what you want and need. Otherwise, they won’t be able to truly help you out.

Prioritize agencies that have built apps that service your industry, as this may mean your concept and solutions aren’t foreign to them. In any case, take the time to explain to them your target market data so they can tailor fit your app to your prospects’ liking.

Question 8: How involved will I be in the app development process?

No matter how seasoned, skilled, and sophisticated a tech agency is, they won’t be able to realize your ideas if you’re barely around. After all, you are the brainchild of your app. This should mean that no prototypes, wireframes, or finished apps should be established in your absence. Yes, these are professionals but know that your input is what makes your app yours.

Still, be open to adjustments and change, as there’s bound to be multiple iterations in the process. Find out their app development timeframe and determine how often you should meet both online and off. Ask them what their deadlines per development stage are, as well. If all they ask from you is a form through the app process, you can bet nothing great is coming out of it.

Question 9: What tools do you use for progress updates?

Although this is your app and you call the shots, you’re not their employee. So best believe you won’t have to keep showing up at their office to micromanage and check every single minute update there is. Whoever spearheads your app project should be able to give you access to a virtual office or database. Platforms like Trello, Jira, Asana, ClickUp, or Basecamp are all good examples of where you can check out progress reports and other similar activities.

Real-time feedback is important when it comes to projects like these, so find out how a tech agency meets these demands. On their end, they’ll need much of your voice, too, as iOS and Android developments demand an iterative process. Be prepared for them to keep reaching out to you.

Question 10: Do I retain ownership of my app?

Always remember that, because you pay for a tech agency’s services and expertise, the code should always belong to you. Should you decide to jump ship and continue your journey at a different tech company, the previous agency should be able to accommodate your app’s transfer. Transparency, clarity, and honesty are values that work well regardless of what project and agency you’re working with.

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