Other development agencies don’t post pricing on their websites.  Why is that?

At, we see things differently and do things better than other agencies.  We believe in complete transparency, which includes our app development processes, as well as our pricing. 

App Development Rates

2 Side Marketplace
Minimum Viable Product

Fixed Bid
$ 4,995 Per Month
  • Full Functioning Marketplace
  • No Surprise Invoices or Overcharges!
  • Fast Development of Fully Functional MVP
  • Includes Our Marketplace Weekly Build Program For Free!
  • Includes Business Analysts, Web Designers, Developers, and QA (Optional)
  • Proven Development Process
  • Agile Scrum with Bi-Weekly Demos After 3rd Week

Accelerated MVP

$ 24,995 Per Month
  • Start on Your App Immediately
  • 24/7 App Development
  • Daily Standup Meetings with Stakeholders
  • Flexibility To Make App Changes Anytime
  • Only Available to Founders with Exits

Custom Development

Monthly (Time & Material)
$ 7,495 Per Month
  • Continuous Development
  • Daily Standup Meetings
  • Flexibility to Make App Changes Anytime
  • Resource Flexibility
  • Includes All Non Marketplace Apps

Existing App Development

Existing app development is work done on apps written by another development team.

Existing App Development

$ 150 Per Hour
  • $5,000 Retainer
  • $500 to Review Existing Apps Before Contract
  • Estimations of Work Go Against Retainer
  • Contract Required

Work for clients with existing applications is done through a retainer based payments system (just like a law firm).  We record the hours worked and subtract it from the retainer on a daily basis.  When you get within 8 hours of time, we request you replenish the retainer so we can continue development.  We provide time reports from our time tracking system for work done on request.  Minimum retainer of 20 hours required.

For continued work on existing applications, extended contracts are also available for 3, 6, and 12 months.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us to discuss!

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