5 PowerApps Use Cases for Business

PowerApps is a powerful way to bring app ideas to life and streamline your most important business functions. From file sharing to customer experience, this tool may be “low code” but it is far from basic. It has the capability to address many of your most pressing challenges so you can get to the important work of building your company. But will it work for you specifically? Will it meet your unique needs? Solve your unique issues? Check out these five PowerApp use cases and find out.

Best PowerApps Examples

What can PowerApps do for you? What it’s done for countless businesses and professionals: make business more efficient, effective, fast, and seamless. These PowerApp use cases will convince you.

1. Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is one of the most critical steps in building a strong, cohesive team. These are the people who will help build your company, so it’s worth taking the time to build out the right processes. Because PowerApps can interact with Office 365 solutions (e.g. Outlook, calendars), you can leverage your data and use the free template to develop an effective onboarding app.

Your new hires can access policy guides, contact information for team members, forms (always with the forms!), and other key resources. At the same time, your HR will benefit. PowerApps enables you to streamline new user setup: it’ll deliver easy intake forms. All they have to do is complete, submit, and cross that task off their to-do lists.

2. Service Requests

Trying to handle service requests manually, especially if you have multiple locations and virtual destinations, is tedious. You also risk missing key items. You can use PowerApps to set up an interactive help desk; users can simply submit IT tickets from there. Alternatively, you can use it to gather service requests across a variety of functions, including human resources, facility maintenance, purchasing, etc.

3. Sales and Client Intake

Imagine this common scenario: you have a team member out at a client location or in the field. They need to complete a sales order. So… notebook? Jottings on a napkin? How do they do it? With your PowerApp-fueled app, of course. One of the great aspects of this tool is that it allows you to seamlessly integrate with other platforms. Here, you’d connect with Dynamics so your people can extract and insert data easily into forms with fixed fields. The data is saved for analysis and action.

4. More On-the-Go Communication

More and more of our employees are working outside the office. This makes it paramount that we establish strong, consistent lines of communication. Basically, they need to be able to do anything from anywhere. When your people are out and about, build a custom app that allows them to access key data, automate messaging, share data, and trigger workflows in app. Whether coffee shop or couch, clients, customers, and other stakeholders would never know that your people weren’t sitting at their desks.

5. Expense Approvals

Expense approval is one of those areas that can really cause a logjam in your processes. Even minor mistakes can cost you. You need accuracy, as well as a system for prompt reimbursements. Why not create an app that handles the tough stuff? Employees, independent contractors, and other stakeholders can access the requisite forms and submit receipts and proofs from anywhere. The person in charge of handling approvals receives a notification for new requests; they can then review and approve/deny. The person requesting reimbursement is then notified as to the action.

Looking for more Power Apps use cases? This tool can be leveraged to tackle on-site attendance management, 360 reviews, employee training, customer experience, employee recognition, motivation, and leave requests…. The list goes on and on. So, what’s your plan? What do you want and need to accomplish, and how can Power Apps help? Contact the MVP.dev or learn some more about our Power Apps Development Services, and get started streamlining your business. As Microsoft Partners, MVP.dev is the best choice for your Power Platform builds!

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