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App development using a laptop computer.

We hear from a lot of our customers that they have amazing ideas for apps, but no programming skills to help them build. We have come up with a solution to this problem: our app builder. With it, you can develop your app without having any coding skills. Let’s go over the steps you will need to follow when using our app builder.

  1. First, you will need to sign up for our service and be a Bubbler. It is free to get started! 
  1. Next, you will use our easy-to-use interface to customize your app by choosing images and text. 
  1. Finally, you will upload your logo and submit your app for approval in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Androids. 

And that is it! You can finally bring your idea to life with the help of our no code mobile app builder! 

Why Bubble app builder? 

Bubble App Builder is a cloud-based application builder that helps users create custom mobile apps and websites. It is a SaaS-based product and requires no coding knowledge or technical expertise to build an app. 

Bubble App Builder allows you to make your own app or website without having any coding skills, or the need to hire a developer. You can build your app online using the drag-and-drop interface, or you can download our application on your handheld device to make changes in real-time. 

Features include: 

  • An app builder with a drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Ability to publish apps on Google Play and App Store. 
  • An app builder with multiple color schemes, templates, and layouts. 
  • App analytics for tracking downloads, usage, revenue, and more. 

A convenient drag and drop mobile app builder, Bubble helps you create your app visually, dragging and dropping elements as you wish and then previewing your creation immediately on your phone or tablet. 

You can also incorporate social media feeds and customize your app with a range of options such as changing the background color or font sizes. The platform is aimed at anyone who wants to build an app without having to learn how to write code. 

The benefit of using our no code app builder is that you can create an app without needing to hire someone or learn how to code yourself. 

What is no code app development? 

No code app development platforms offer tools that let you build apps through configuration instead of coding. These products typically feature drag-and-drop interfaces that allow you to add features like email notifications and geolocation with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse. 

Bubble App Builder is one of the best ways to build apps without having to learn coding or hiring app developers. 

No code app development is also called codeless app development. Choosing a mobile app builder that requires no coding has become one of the biggest searches among startups and small businesses. 

Why create your own app? 

Creating mobile apps is a great way to build your business and reach your target audience. If you have an idea for an app, but no coding skills, what do you do? How do you monetize your great business plan or popularize your ingenious idea? Do not fret – that is where we come in! 

Bubble App Builder is a no code app builder. You can call it a DIY tool if you wish.  

The benefit to using a DIY platform such as ourselves is that it allows you to get a mobile app into the marketplace quickly and on a shoestring budget.  

The main reason why people decide to build an app is that it creates a better experience for their customers, or it helps them engage more with the brand. A mobile application can be very helpful in achieving this aim. It is almost always the most effective way to do so. 

Depending on how your customers interact with your business and what their expectations are, mobile apps can have varying levels of success. If your target audience uses smartphones every day and spends most of their time on digital platforms, then a mobile application is a must as it solves many problems. 

How is Bubble App Builder different from other DIY app builders? 

Bubble is a free no code app builder. App builders currently on the market come with a bunch of problems. Here is how Bubble helps you build breakthrough apps. 


Generally, no code app builders present on the market right now offer somewhat rudimentary customization, design, typography, layout, and iconography options. This means that your app might be built rapidly, but it will look the same as nearly every other app built using the platform. 

That is not the case with the Bubble App Builder. Our myriad of options in terms of visual tweaks and functionality ensures that your app stands apart from the rest. 

Hassle-free updates and maintenance 

Rolling out updates and improvements as well as doing bug fixes and maintenance is a nightmare. DIY app builds might be good when it comes to rolling out the first version but they do not provide sufficient scaling tools to grow your app and introduce new features while improving the existing ones.  

With us, it is no more challenging to make updates and improvements as time goes on, even if those features are not built into the platform itself during the first launch! 


Limited widgets are often one of the ways how no code app builders push out apps faster. They provide just a handful of elements or widgets to utilize. This works most of the time because non-coders are not familiar with the majority of the widgets an app can have. 

We provide you with a remarkably larger selection of widgets to choose from to truly unlock your potential. It is not rare to find a widget that helps you introduce a feature you never imagined in the first place or a widget that does a particular task better and more efficiently. 

Whether it is completing a feature in a better way or finding out opportunities to do something better even if it was not in your first draft, our wide variety of widgets makes making your app as cool, functional, and featureful as possible so much easier. 

End-to-end environment 

Many free and paid tools claim to let you create a mobile app without writing any code, but the truth is that it is not as easy as they make it sound. These tools may spare you from having to learn a programming language, but they do not spare you from having to become reasonably familiar with the other technical skills required to create a functional app. 

Anyone who ventures into the world of mobile development will be confronted by new terms, concepts, and processes. Here are just a few things you need to learn if you go with such providers to really develop an app without writing code: 

  • How to choose between native and hybrid development 
  • How to use prototyping tools 
  • How to design an effective user interface (UI) 
  • How to find an image designer (or how to create your own images) 
  • How to navigate the Apple App Store or Google Play submission process 
  • How to monetize your app with ads or in-app purchases 
  • How to market your app so people will download it 
  • How to conduct user experience (UX) research to improve your product

Bubble App Builder is an end-to-end platform. It has proper documentation, tools, and guidance to help you out across the board. 

With our no code app development, you do not just eliminate the need to learn a language like Java or Swift, but you also eliminate the hurdles that come along with the production of an app that still require specific skills to steer through. 

Are no code app builders good? 

No code app builders and low code app builders have both become significantly more powerful over the last few years. 

  • Adding new interactions and features is easier. 
  • Deploying and testing the visual aspect is effortless. 
  • Production cost and time are both cut by a huge margin. 
  • The ultimate code follows all industry best practices. 
  • Publishing, improving, and updating are all seamless experiences. 

All that is generic stuff. Every once in a while, a breakthrough innovation comes along and completely revolutionizes the way the industry works. Bubble App Builder is precisely that. 

We have not just improved on the current capabilities but rethought the whole idea of a no code app builder from the customer’s point of view. This has allowed us to build an environment that is relaxed and forgiving while being intuitive and helpful – pillars that help us improve your experience when you build apps with us. 

But are they good for complex apps? 

No code app builders promise to allow you to build a full-featured app without touching a single line of code. And in most cases, they do. But the question is, are no code apps good? 

The answer is it depends. If your app needs a lot of functionality or is dependent on proprietary data, then you will probably need to write your own code. 

Bubble App Builder is growing continually to improve the app-building experience while making the existing tools easier to understand and deploy. In the very near future, we aim to have built a platform that can be used to build highly complex app systems without having to code at all! 

Can you build an app without coding? 

Learning to use a platform, adding your features, and planning out the whole app building phase are prerequisites to developing an app without programming. Customizing the look of your app as per your intended branding is also a key step. 

All this is made easier with the Bubble App Builder. We specialize in making our development suite as easy, intuitive, and hassle-free for the end-user as possible. Consequently, you are very likely to have a fun time while building your app without having to write a single line of code! 

So, can you build an app without learning programming or coding? 

The answer is yes. 

Pros of building an app without coding include the fact that you do not have to learn how to code or hire developers. It also takes less time than learning how to code and is remarkably cheaper than hiring developers. 

Though the general consensus is that no code app building has glaring disadvantages such as you are limited by design templates, there is a lack of customization, you cannot access native features (camera, microphone, GPS, etc.), and there is no distribution on the App Store or Google Play Store, that is not always the case. 

In fact, all that is a thing of the past now! Bubble App Builder breaks away from the typical no code app builders and provides a platform that can be used to create complex apps that rival enterprise-level ones meant for millions of users. 

Is no code app development the future? 

Yes! No code app development has transformed how businesses operate hugely. The no code movement might be fairly new, but it has already taken long strides to hit its estimated $43 billion market cap by 2023! We respect the decades of hard work that has gone into making no code app development such a future-proof technology. 

The world of software development is changing. We’re seeing a shift towards no code app development, which many developers feel threatened by. Some people think it is the future, while others see it as a passing fad. Regardless of who believes what, no code app development is here to stay simply because of the solution they provide. 

The idea of no code app development is becoming more popular each year. Businesses and individuals are looking to create their own applications without the need for technical knowledge. Many believe that this is the future of app development.  

The core USPs are alone more than enough to bring business owners to this side of the fence where they build their own apps compared to hiring expensive app developers. Here are some of these core USPs: 

  • No coding experience needed: No code app development allows anyone to create an application from scratch without having any coding experience. This means that people who have a great idea for an application but do not know how to code can still create their dream app without needing someone else to do it for them. 
  • Saves time: One of the biggest benefits of no code app development is that it saves time by allowing you to build your own application in just a few minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. You do not need any technical skills so you can focus on what matters most, your business or project idea! 
  • It is easy: There are several platforms on the market today where you can create your own apps without needing any coding knowledge whatsoever. Some even have drag-and-drop options and layouts that you can customize with your own content. Bubble takes that one step further and provides superior tools and capabilities that stretch the horizons of what is possible in no code app development. The idea is that anyone should be able to create their own app in a very short amount of time, making the process a breeze for non-developers. 
  • You do not need to hire a developer: This is one of the biggest selling points of no code app development: you do not need to pay someone else to do it for you. Many startups cannot afford the big investment of hiring a developer or agency; no code apps allow them to enter the market without this cost burdening their balance sheets. 

Eventually, the no code app development industry will be as big as the programming industry. As of now, there aren’t many people who know about this new trend in the tech world. But, even though it is still in its early stages, it is already clear that this technology is here to stay. 

In today’s world, everyone needs an internet presence. That is why we need platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Wix to make websites accessible to everyone. The same goes for mobile apps: not every small business or organization can afford a professional developer to build their own mobile app. And even if they do hire them, it takes months from start to finish, and it costs thousands of dollars. 

It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. 

No code app development has been around for years now but the technology is still very new compared to traditional programming. One of the main reasons for this is that no one really knew about it until recently. We have seen a lot of people asking questions about what exactly no code app development is and whether or not they should use it for their next project. 

No code app development makes building an app accessible to anyone, regardless of technical experience. It is also infinitely more affordable than hiring a developer or agency to build an app, meaning that it opens up new markets for entrepreneurs who might otherwise be shut out. “Why should I learn to code?” has become a rallying cry among tech companies. 

What can I create with a no code app builder? 

Person with no code app using a mobile and a laptop computer.

Long gone are the days when no code app development could only land you a basic, garbage-looking 5-screen app with no interaction. Turns out a good chunk of business owners still have similar thoughts. No code app development has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, today it is possible to use our Bubble App Builder and create better apps with more features than many self-programmed apps by Java or Swift developers on the marketplaces! 

With a no code app builder, you can create mobile and web apps for your business. The best part is that you do not need to know how to code. No code platforms allow you to build software for your business without writing a single line of code. Not only can you save time, but you also save money. 

Using a no code app builder is the fastest and easiest way to build apps for your business, whether you’re looking to automate processes or create new products. It is easy enough that anyone in the company can learn how to use it, which means you won’t have to hire an expensive software developer or pay thousands of dollars per month for high-end software. 

The most popular types of apps that companies build include: Internal tools, like CRMs and accounting systems; Customer-facing apps, like marketplaces and e-commerce stores; Mobile apps like customer loyalty programs and surveys; Data visualization tools like dashboards and analytics reports; and Internet of Things (IoT) devices like smart lights and home assistants. 

No code platforms let you build apps in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, as well as a range of user experiences. You can build small, simple apps such as calculators or music players, or you can build large, complex apps such as social media platforms or online games. 

With our no code app builder, you can create almost any kind of app you like. 

Costs are lower because there is no need to hire developers or designers to create your app. You simply use our no code platform to do it yourself. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to create their own internal solutions for employees, customers, and clients too. 

You drag and drop elements on the screen to build your app’s user interface (UI). Then you connect your UI to the business logic and data layer of your app using visual tools, like flowcharts. 

There are 15 main classes of apps you can make with a no code app builder: 

  1. Database apps 
  1. Forms and surveys apps 
  1. Business process automation apps 
  1. Inventory tracking and management apps 
  1. Back office or management apps 
  1. Delivery, courier, or small shop apps 
  1. Fully automated e-commerce stores 
  1. Enterprise apps 
  1. Educational apps 
  1. Customer loyalty or reward program apps 
  1. Mobile websites and web forms 
  1. Informative or encyclopedia apps 
  1. Line-of-business apps to tie into your business infrastructure 
  1. Image, text, or video-sharing apps 
  1. Apps for music and media search, aggregation, download, upload, or streaming 

With the Bubble App Builder, you can create mobile applications and websites that run on smartphones and the web. These applications can be anything from a data collection app to an interactive game or a feedback form. The list can get as long as your creativity! 

Whether you want a branded mobile ordering app for a restaurant, an app that connects young lawyers with potential clients, or a bespoke photo-sharing platform for an event – you can create the most stunning app using our platform without having to write any code. 

Who is no code app development for? 

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard about no code app builders — but in today’s climate, it could be an option worth considering. The idea is that, rather than needing to learn a programming language or pay a developer to build your app, you can use a template and a drag-and-drop interface to create exactly what you want. 

No code app builders are becoming increasingly popular with small business owners and entrepreneurs who do not have the budget or skillset for custom software development teams. They are great for creating quick solutions that can scale to meet the needs of growing businesses. 

The Bubble App Builder is cost-efficient, has a quick turnaround time, and comes packed with a lot of flexibility and support for building complex functionality that the majority of other no code app builders lack. 

Our no code app builder is great for businesses that have an idea and want to create a quick app to launch their product. We give you the ability to quickly build an app without the large cost and time required to develop an app from scratch. 

Though the majority of our platform’s usage is focused on simpler apps, our tool is parallelly intended for large-scale and often-complex customization options that are needed for apps that require more than the basic features. You will not find limitations with our builder in terms of scalability, security, and performance. 

Custom design and complex functionality can both be implemented naturally in the Bubble App Builder. 

Our no code app builder is a great way for non-developers to embrace technology and build their own apps, with no coding involved. 

MVPs and prototypes at the speed of light! 

Bubble App Builder isn’t just for full-fledged app development. It is also for pushing out MVPs (minimal viable products) or prototypes lightning fast! 

With the rise of no code app development, it is not too farfetched to think that someday we won’t need professional programmers at all. This technology will make it possible for anyone to create a mobile or web app just by dragging and dropping different features. It is easy to imagine that this new wave of technology will cause a lot of people to lose their jobs, but the reality is that no code app development isn’t meant to replace programmers. Instead, it is meant to help you build prototypes and MVPs faster – and to help business owners and startups cut costs. 

No code app-building tools are aimed at entrepreneurs and business people who want to develop their own apps without technical knowledge. Usually, these people do not want to spend months coding an app or hiring developers for a product they aren’t sure will be successful. Instead, they can use one of these platforms to build something functional quickly. 

The idea behind no code apps is that you can create an entire application without having any programming expertise. You will see a visual interface where you can drag-and-drop different features and then publish your application immediately. For example, with Bubble, you’re able to build in features like calendars, maps, and data storage and then export your application as an iOS or Android app or as a website with just one click. 

Proponents herald the fact that it is primarily drag-and-drop programming and that it can be used on a variety of platforms, such as iOS and Android. There are many advantages for small businesses in particular, such as being able to create a custom app more cheaply than if they were to hire developers, as well as being able to retain control over their end product since they can build it themselves. 

The aim of software development is basically to solve a problem and these tools allow for many levels of customization for business owners wishing to bring their idea to life. Though there are legitimate concerns around security when it comes to databases, user authentication, and other things that require advanced technologies, Bubble App Builder solves all of those issues effortlessly. 

What is the difference between no code app development and low-code app development? 

A low-code and a no code app are displayed on two separate desktop monitors.

Getting confused between low code and no code can be a serious issue. No code app development is for people with no coding experience at all. Low code is for developers still. 

As technology advances, the tools we use to make it work become more accessible. “Low-code” development platforms have made designing and deploying apps easier for everyone, including new or inexperienced programmers. 

As time goes on, the tools will continue to evolve and become even more accessible. Companies are already beginning to offer solutions that are described as “no code” platforms — the next step in making app development possible for anyone with an idea. 

The main difference between low-code and no code platforms is the amount of technical skill required to use them. Low-code platforms require some knowledge of coding languages because they require you to write some code yourself. No code solutions take it one step further, offering all of the tools you need to build an app completely free of any coding whatsoever. 

Both types of development platforms offer resources that allow users to design applications with drag-and-drop functionality, eliminating some of the challenges that come with traditional app creation. 

Low-code and no code are terms that are often used in the same context. However, they refer to two different approaches to software development. Both low-code and no code platforms enable users to create applications without having to write any code. But there is one key difference: low code platforms require some level of coding proficiency, while no-code platforms enable users to build apps without writing a single line of code. 

Low code platforms provide an environment where developers can drag-and-drop objects and integrate functionalities on a visual front end. The platform then generates the necessary source code in the background. In contrast, no code tools enable non-technical users to create apps by configuring templates and using pre-built modules. 

Low-code and no code are both different approaches to developing apps without having to write a lot of code. However, they are not interchangeable terms, and there is a big difference between the two. 

In a nutshell, no code refers to a type of software development platform in which you can create applications without having to write any code. These platforms use graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop tools to let anyone build an app. Low-code, on the other hand, refers to a development platform that lets you develop apps faster by using pre-built components (widgets). 

With low-code, it is also possible to write custom code as needed. In fact, writing additional but limited code yourself is recommended in the case of low-code app development to get the most out of the platform’s capabilities. 

Bubble App Builder for web apps – web application builder for no code application development 

Smartphone apps are not the only forte of our app builder. In fact, countless business owners utilize our platform for building web apps of all sizes and shapes. 

There are many platforms for building websites. But Bubble is one of the best platforms that you can use to build web apps without any coding knowledge. Bubble is a visual programming language. Instead of typing lines of code, you use a drag-and-drop interface to build applications. 

You can create web apps without writing a single line of code. This is definitely not a new idea: there is any number of platforms that let you make websites, blogs, and more by dragging and dropping pre-made elements like content blocks, images, and videos. But what about the apps that require interaction and data? What about the ones where you set up a service or product with an account and log in to interact with it? 

Bubble takes this concept even further — it lets you create complex web apps, with no coding knowledge required. 

So how does it work? 

We’re giving anyone the power to build their own software. Our editor lets users drag and drop to connect different parts of their app (like forms and buttons) and customize them with their own design elements. Bubble is a no code native app builder. 

  • You can arrange your app’s various pages however you want.
  • Set up automatic emails when users sign up or pay for something.
  • Integrate third-party services like PayPal, Google Maps, Twitter, and more. 
  • Even use your own domain name if you want to make it look professional.

What’s more, Bubble also has a marketplace where people who have built apps on Bubble can share them as templates for others to use — and of course, they can be customized further by the end-user. 

Bubble is a platform that allows non-developers to build complex web apps just by dragging and dropping elements onto the screen — something that is similar to how you would build a website on Squarespace or Wix. Bubble has also been used to create things like web games and bots for messenger platforms, but it is particularly useful for creating applications where users need to authenticate. 

If you have a business idea that requires users to log in and register, use specific features or interact with each other, you will need a web app instead of just a website. Bubble is one of the best no code web app builders out there. 

In conclusion 

No code is a buzzword that describes an approach to app development. It is a way to build an app without typing in any code. The founders of no code platforms believe developers should not be the only people with the ability to create apps. Instead, anyone who can use a computer can start building an app by using a no code platform. 

Certain types of apps are easier to create with no code than others. No code platforms are best used for building simple business tools — an app that collects data from users, or automates workflows (a series of tasks) within a company on a case-by-case basis, for example. No code is not ideal for games as they need to be customized and have far more options. 

To get started, you first need to define your purpose for the app and what problem it will solve. What kind of data do you want to collect? And how will it be used? If you’re automating workflows, what steps need to be taken? After that, you can start working on the design and layout of your app. Note that building a concrete logic before you start making your app can go a long way and help you avoid common pitfalls later on. 

The power of no code platforms is revolutionizing entrepreneurship by opening up new possibilities for people who might not otherwise have considered starting their own businesses. The barriers that stand between an idea and its execution are being lowered every day as tools like Bubble become more accessible and more powerful. 

Let’s face it. We have all been there. We have a great idea for an app, but the cost of hiring programmers to build it is prohibitive. Hundreds of dollars per hour – now that is not the kind of money every new business owner has just lying around. 

That is where no code app development comes in. With no code apps like Bubble, anyone can create an app without needing any coding experience. There is no need to hire a team of programmers or even learn a single line of code yourself. 

But is this really the future? All the signs point to a resounding “Yes!” Should you use Bubble? Well, given that Bubble is one of the best no code app builders out there, the answer is again a Yes. 

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