Outsourcing MVP Development

When it comes to app development for startups, taking advantage of the MVP approach is a smart, strategic move. Launching a minimally viable product allows you to validate your idea, determine its potential in the market, garner feedback, save time, cut costs, utilize resources more strategically, and present a working model during investor pitches. 

The next question is whether or not you should DIY your development or take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing MVP development. Let’s dig in.

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing MVP Development

Undertaking app development for startups as a technical person may seem like a no-brainer (but when it comes to your time and money, it’s worth thinking twice!). However, if you are a non-technical owner, it makes sense to leverage the expertise of professionals. After all, this has worked for non-technical owners/founders of LinkedIn, Coffee Meets Bagel, Pandora, Getaround, and NerdWallet. You can dream up an innovative, disruptive, or otherwise valuable idea – and have a reliable third party bring it to life.

For both technical and non-technical owners/founders, the benefits of outsourcing MVP development include:

1. Access to Expertise and Experience.

When you choose the right MVP development partner, you have immediate access to their brains, ideas, insights, and know-how. Their cross-functional team includes professionals that would cost an arm and a leg if you were to go with an in-house solution. 

2. Speed to Market.

In business, every second counts. At the same time, you don’t want to launch a half-baked app won’t help consumers with the problem it claims to solve. You need a lean, agile solution that’s ready to go – and ready to be studied, analyzed, and improved upon. An MVP approach allows you to get a product out there with its core functionality intact – fast. From there, you can learn from customers to understand your most advantageous next steps.

3. On-Schedule and On-Budget.

An experienced MVP development partner will be able to give you an accurate projection in terms of timeline and cost. This is what they do, after all. No one knows the process better. Realistic expectations are a must for startups, especially when it comes to allocating resources and fanning consumer interest. 

4. An Agency vs. an Employee Relationship.

As a startup, it is important to use funds in a strategic manner. Developing an app in-house requires you to take on employees, which come with a host of requirements, including salary and benefits. Opting for a third-party expert allows you to forgo those expenses and concentrate on the work at hand: building your business. 

5. Ongoing Partnership.

By design, an MVP app is stripped to the core functionality your customers need. By design, it is also structured for growth and the addition of other features. With a reliable partner, you can form a solid relationship that allows you to grow forward together, implementing new functionality without missing a beat.

Whether you’re technical or not, the benefit of outsourcing MVP development is a strong opening gambit in the app world. Save time, money, and stress. Contact MVP.dev to learn more. 

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