Mobile App Development Trends in 2022

In 2022, mobile app development will only get bigger and better as developers embrace more advanced technologies. The future of mobile app development sees increased engagement, enhanced engagement, and more users.

If you’re thinking about launching a mobile app, you’ll want to consider what users expect from businesses in the coming year. In this article we’ve compiled the biggest trends bound to shake up the mobile app development scene in 2022.


5G, the fifth generation of mobile connectivity, is set to be the industry standard in 2022. 5G delivers the promise of higher data speeds, ultra low latency of less than one millisecond, to be precise, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. This improved efficiency creates new user experiences and connects new industries.

For mobile app development, this opens opportunities to integrate augmented reality, virtual reality, connected driverless vehicles, wireless health, and more.

Super Apps

With 5G set to take over in 2022, the development of super apps is almost inevitable. A super app is essentially a multi-purpose, multi-task app for smartphones. In the past, an app would be created for one highly specific function. That is, only for logistics, only for communication, only for streaming content.

In 2022, technologies are geared towards creating more unified experiences for end users. For mobile apps, this means we can expect more apps to carry out a whole range of tasks that would previously have to be performed on separate applications. After all, who wants to keep switching between apps?

Instant Apps

Instant apps, first launched in 2016, are making a comeback in 2022. An instant app is a software program smaller than the usual application. As the name suggests, an instant app allows users to test an app without actually installing it. That is, users get the native experience of an app without explicit installation. This feature is incredibly attractive to today’s users who want shorter load times and more phone storage.

Beacon Technology

Just like instant apps, beacon technology isn’t new. But in 2022, it’s expected to grow in significance. Beacon technology functions as a link between the online and offline world. This technology provides valuable information on how users interact with physical stores. If a user is in a beacon-enabled area, they are then sent push notifications on any promos offered by the store.

Studies show that people are more likely to interact with a product if it is advertised using a beacon. For mobile apps, the integration of beacon technology can help create a more tailored experience for customers and can even lead to conversion.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Two trends that will continue to dominate the tech sphere are artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and ML can not only optimize app development, but can also reduce human errors made by programmers.

AI and ML already exist in mobile apps in the form of facial recognition, chatbots, and programs like Siri. In 2022, the two are expected to be used extensively in automated geo detection, algorithmic trading, predictive maintenance, and gaming.

Augmented or Virtual Reality

Since the beginning of the pandemic, augmented reality has been utilized by many industries to make up for a dwindling workforce. For example, in manufacturing, AR has been leveraged as virtual supplemental labor on virtual production lines.

Although augmented reality is already being used in other industries, 2022 will see more of its integration into mobile apps. Apple and Google already use AR in their navigation apps. Through their back camera, users get directions to their destination in real time, making navigation more immersive and easier to follow.

Now imagine how much augmented reality can revolutionize apps for gaming, fashion, lifestyle, and design. The possibilities are endless.

Apps for Foldable Devices

Foldable devices are the flip phones of the future. As tech giants like Samsung continue to put out foldable mobile devices, others are bound to follow suit. And the more foldable devices are out on the market, the greater the opportunity to put out apps that are more immersive and work seamlessly with folding screens.

The Bottom Line

2022 promises incredible advances in mobile app development. If you’re a business looking to develop a mobile app, it’s important you know what trends to look out for in the coming year. If you want an app that’s 2022-ready, don’t be intimidated – be excited. No-code app development is here to help. If you’ve got an idea, we can help turn it into a reality.

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