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Gone are the days when only IT experts and developers could create stunning websites with practical functionalities. These days, no-code programming has empowered a lot more people in ways traditional software development never has., for example, is a stellar example of a growing no-code app development platform that continues to thrive in popularity and usage.

Let’s get to know Bubble even more.

As mentioned, Bubble is a no-code programming platform designed to help anyone and everyone build beautiful and useful applications without writing code at all. In much earlier years, this technology wasn’t available, let alone thinkable. Developing software and building apps was only made possible by experts who knew how to code and people who had large amounts of money to pay for these experts. In other words, app programming and development wasn’t within the non-technical person’s immediate horizon.

Cut to today, and things are very different in that department. Technical programming knowledge is no longer a requirement to whip up a complex piece of software or an amazing mobile application. This is why Bubble is unshackling. It gives you the power to create something you didn’t think you could a few years back. The capacity to lead a tech project minus traditional programming knowledge continues to break boundaries today.

How does Bubble work?

Because is a no-code platform, you can combine numerous third-party resources and tools on front and back ends. Simply put, the platform serves as the foundation of your app, but it doesn’t restrict you from using outside tools to make your app a tad more dynamic and functional.

More than anything, Bubble is what experts refer to as visual programming. This is because users can simply drag and drop their way into the whole development process. It sounds easy because it is—for users at least. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of pre-programmed complex work going on to ensure that your app is mighty sustainable.

Defining visual programming

As the name suggests, visual programming is when users can place elements on specific parts of a page simply by dragging and clicking and not by manually writing code.

But don’t let the simplicity of that description fool you. Bubble is a lot more than your standard web host provider. Generally, website builders make heavy use of basic templates with very limited features and functionalities. Basically, all of their products come in templates, and the user’s only job is to pick which one resonates with them the most. When applications or websites are made on platforms like those, they end up looking and working exactly like thousands of other finished products, with little to no differences in customization.

Moreover, Bubble’s visual programming layout is a lot more powerful than it sounds as it lets you customize the kinds of elements you drag and drop. For example, when someone clicks on a button you worked on, do you want a pop-up to appear, or do you want it to lead a user to a different page or a specific action? There are so many things you can do with drag and drop, and even more when you can choose what functionalities these elements execute.

Here are a few samples of what you can build with Bubble

If none of the web applications above resemble the kind of app you want to make, you’re still most likely to be able to use Bubble to get it done. That’s because you can connect to countless third-party resources to achieve the look and functionalities you’re going for, as Bubble utilizes numerous Application Programming Interface.  

Plugins and Templates

If you’ve done your research and looked around, you will have noticed that online building platforms such as Bubble, Wix, and WordPress all make use of plugins and templates. These components make it easier for users to ease their way into creating an app without having to build foundational elements piece by piece at the onset.

But if you’re one who isn’t a fan of templates at all, that’s fine. Because you’re presented with a blank canvas, you’ll be happy to know that with Bubble, you’re free to build whatever you want however you want it. It’s up to you, really. If you want, you can also optimize hundreds of plugins designed to expand your app’s functionality.

Bubble’s pricing is also just as diverse as you can choose which plan or plans suit your business vision the most! More comfortably paying a monthly flat fee? Go ahead. Interested in saving a ton more? Choose an annual payment method.

The choice is yours!

Why Now?

There are several reasons creative entrepreneurs and business visionaries should sign up with Bubble. Ultimately, it’s‘s ability to launch a product so much faster than traditional software development that makes it such a treat. Apart from not having to bank on the skills, expertise, and resources of talented and seasoned software developers, one saves a lot of money, too.

Having to resort to a team of app engineers and professionals can be expensive. So being afforded the opportunity to create a practical, dynamic, and powerful web and mobile application is a chance any go-getter should grab right away. 

So prepare all your crazy ideas and solutions, and build your app with Bubble today!

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