Looking To Build An App? Here Are Reasons Why No-Code Is King In App Development

Considering how irredeemably dependent modern society now is with mobile technology, it makes more and more sense why artists, businesses, and corporations rely on applications.

From optimizing dozens of them to building their own, people are putting out mobile and web apps like they’re hotcakes.

And why wouldn’t they? The advent of no-code applications has democratized app development. As a matter of fact, thousands of the apps we enjoy and make the most out of today are products of visual programming.

—but what exactly is no-code?

Defining the no-code platform

As the name implies, a no-code platform is a platform that optimizes a visual programming interface to allow non-coders to create dynamic and profitable apps without a hefty technical background to boot.

By simply dragging and dropping, users are afforded the opportunity to create apps without coding at all. Hence, the term “no-code.”

For better appreciation about what it is and how this development can build businesses and advance brands, here are a few other reasons that detail why no-code is a much faster app-building solution than traditional coding:

No-code demands no technical background

While one does have to be adept with computer usage and the concept of dragging and dropping, no-code platforms don’t require coding knowledge. That said, companies that don’t have the monetary prowess to turn to expensive IT agencies aren’t left defenseless.

Although entrusting your app efforts to qualified and reputable tech startups will always be the better choice, anyone and everyone can—at the very least—try their hand on no-code and achieve some level of feasible success sans the necessary and rigorous hours of training.

Furthermore, no-code platforms also foster the creativity of non-technical professionals who aspire to create solutions for everyday business concerns at work.

In that sense, no-code doesn’t only make for a fantastic remedy in the name of bridging gaps, it allows a faster turnaround for solutions too.

No-code allows real-time adjustments

Whereas coding can take a hot minute to adjust apps, no-code products allow the immediate alterations of recent edits. Business changes often mean that digital offerings have to be volatile and versatile to accommodate a demanding market.

No-code allows developers to launch, edit, and improve apps as quickly and as seamlessly as possible, making this solution much more efficient.

No-code is faster in general

Apps built through traditional coding take a lot more time to finish than no-code products, simply because developers start from scratch with this route. While no-code platforms are essentially still products of hours and hours of coding, citizen developers—a term to refer to non-technical developers—optimize pre-made blocks and bits to create a whole.

Think of an app as one massive template buildable by much smaller templates until a functional program is built.

In other words, the biggest winning factor of no-code is its capacity to create applications in minutes or hours.

No-code makes TCO more affordable

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be expensive for tons of business ventures, and applications can be some of them. No-code drastically reduces this expense.

Because no-code products can be made straight off of no-code platforms, ownership is faster and more streamlined; not to mention less paperwork, if any at all.

More than anything, this solution is a cost-efficient alternative to outsourcing talent and resources. What’s more, this route allows entrepreneurs to lessen the burden of their respective IT departments, as well—all while keeping with digital demands.

No-code promises a better ROI

One of the many leading advantages of no-code is its ability to launch much quicker. As such, business leaders are more able to maximize their resources and generate profit.

It’s a given fact that delayed and extended productions can be costly for any producer and entrepreneur. When brands optimize the power of no-code, not only do they harness inventive technology, they help unleash the potential of their visions as early and as quickly as possible too.

And the even better advantage of that fact is that citizen developers who’ve gotten the hang of how no-code platforms work can realize visions on their own and at their own pace, eliminating the pricey need to always turn to coding professionals to get the job done.

As a result, traditional coders are allowed to focus purely on more challenging and technical issues, giving everyone a fair share of the workload.

What’s next?

With no-code, the possibilities are endless. Anyone is free to explore what they can create and what problems they can bridge. And with platforms like Bubble leading the pack, know that your next best idea is only an execution away.

Do you have app ideas you want to actualize? We’re the no-code agency for you!

Give us a call, and let’s make magic happen code-free!

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