Inspiring Stories of Bubble App Developers

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As one of the leading platforms for no-code app building, Bubble offers an opportunity for many individuals to break out from the ordinary lull and boundaries that used to limit many creative minds in the old world. It serves as the tool of great minds to build grander dreams and make them happen by making web app building easier, faster, and more powerful which increases its value to its users.

From simple matters of ready-made templates for a quick build, or flexible features that can be constructed even without previously having any coding language to more advanced perks like providing analytics that can guide business administrators to more profitable decisions, Bubble has aimed for attainable quality service without breaking bank.

On the other hand, it’s not just all the technical ingredients that make Bubble the tasteful brand that it is, but the stories of its users that add flavor to the bland ones and zeros of app building.

So here are some of the stories of Bubble app developers that spark inspiration in us (and hopefully in you, as well).

Pablo Heredia – Build in Public

Once a growth manager who also dabbled in many other industries and pursuits, Pablo Heredia is a fine example of how one can stumble on the best opportunities as long as you are willing to keep putting yourself out there and explore what the universe can offer.

He has paved his own path with Bubble by starting up a sweeping movement, Build in Public, which encouraged no-code app builders to share their experience, know-how, and feedback to their peers to accomplish their respective goals better and faster – and maybe gain a few friends or potential business partners along the way.

By using #buildinpublic on Twitter, he was able to share what he’s learned over the years of trying to build first from scratch and eventually stumbling on Bubble where making apps is easier, making the turnaround time to make his ideas come to fruition shorter. But equally, he has also used this channel to get fellow no-code builders’ tips and tricks of the trade in his projects to improve their value.

What started as a personal venture has turned into a community bubble of support for no-code app builders that inspires not only neophytes but even experienced builders that might have hit a bump or two.

Maja Overgård – Hejcamp

These days, there’s an app for every imaginable task. But in Maja Overgård’s case, there wasn’t one for what she needed – which was an app to show her where she can camp in her native Denmark.

Equipped only with her master’s degree in Business Intelligence and a strong drive she endeavored to learn coding and app building to no avail. Until she came upon Bubble where her vision was translated into a prototype thanks to the straightforward interface no-code web app building offers. 

In two months, she launched her app, Hejcamp, where she gathered hosts to showcase. The highlight of her Bubble experience rests in its ability to communicate through message and chat features that allowed her to receive quick feedback from her hosts and users so she can adjust and create based on their needs and requests.

Hejcamp gained more track which eventually opened a new opportunity for Maja. Recognized by Campspace, a prominent platform to check out the best outdoor stays, as a profitable app they offered to buy Hejcamp out.

A testament that even with no web dev background, building apps is made possible with Bubble’s no-code powerful platform.

Dylan Gow –

Natural entrepreneur Dylan Gow has had his fair share of app dev experience with WordPress to support their company, Skipbin, an open-top dumpster rental in Australia. With his modest crew, they needed a more flexible and advanced platform to build an app that can make up for the lack of manpower.

With compact yet powerful features and tools, Bubble offered the Skipbin team a medium to build their app that could keep up with their need to compete with bigger and better-funded competitors – making rubbish into a profitable venture.

Taking away the friction to create an app from scratch, Dylan and his partner Dylan Anderson, were able to focus on managing their affairs with more efficiency and more importantly, to enjoy the process of running their business and acquiring no-code skills while doing so.

What’s Next?

Big things start with small steps. As all of these inspiring people and many more not mentioned have proven that all it takes is the courage to take the leap and the persistence to keep going – picking up new skills along the way to the top.

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