How to Raise Money for Your Startup with an MVP App

You’ve probably got a ludicrous mobile app concept in your head, and you need to raise cash to build it. When you don’t have a big budget, creating an MVP (or minimal viable product) application is how you gain investors’ confidence. The MVP will allow you to show the app to VCs and investors while keeping development expenses at a minimum. The best part is that all you really need are a designer and a developer. 

Hire a Designer 

To start, you’ll want to find a designer. You can do this on sites like Dribble and freelancer when looking for your perfect match in design talent! Your selected artist should fully understand what it takes for an app idea because without their input early enough into development there could be issues later down the line if things change rapidly or unexpectedly- so make sure they’re invested from day 1 by asking questions about how various features will work before anything else happens. Once these basics have been covered, I recommend keeping things simple with only essential parts included at first then tweaking as needed until finally deciding. 

Some will be able to stop here and show your app designs to potential investors or VCs. This should give a good enough idea for most apps, but there is always the chance that we’ll deal with someone who wants to see an application before signing anything – which means our developers need them too! They can bring those creative ideas into reality 

Hire a Developer 

Hiring a developer can seem like an overwhelming process but luckily there are many online resources available to help you find the perfect candidate. There are plenty out there to be found on LinkedIn or freelance websites like Toptal and Freelancer where they’ll cost but still provide good value for money. 

Before you start looking for one there are some important things that will help narrow down your choices. Do they speak the same language as me? How much does it cost per hour or month to have them work on my project?” If the budget is tight then don’t forget about hiring overseas where talented individuals from outside the U.S. 

You don’t need to hire the best developers in order for your MVP project. You only want something that will serve as an appetizer or demo of your idea, and this can be done without spending too much on upfront costs because it’ll just serve just enough people you’ll be pitching like potential investors. 


When you find a designer and developer that suits your needs, expect to pay anywhere from $10-$100 per hour and sometimes more depending on their skill level. No app is alike so I can’t give an estimate for what it would cost to develop this idea of yours. If the MVP (minimal viable product) features are complicated or extensive then consider cutting back some parts until we figure out just how much time/money will be needed in order to make our desired final result come true. 

Creating an MVP app is a great way to raise money for your startup and secure the investment you need to bring your idea to market. By hiring a designer and developer, you can create a prototype that will show potential investors what your app looks like and how it works. Keep things simple with only essential features at first, then tweak as needed until you have a final product that investors will love.

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