How No-Code Is Helping Freelancers

The internet has allowed some of the brightest minds to work independently today.

Whereas traditions have always pushed people to become sharp employees and submissive workers, the modern world has entertained greatly the concept of self-employment. Creatives and freelancers run some of the biggest projects nowadays, with the web only leveling the playing field.

In fact, one study cites that the number of freelancers in the U.S. alone now rings up to 59 million! From one-man teams to small startups, independent contractors are taking over thriving industries.

As such, the abundance of talent has never been more apparent.

All that factored in, it bears mentioning that, along with the rise of no-code platforms, freelancers are some of the technology’s biggest beneficiaries. Granted that no-code can build virtually any program thinkable, it’s understandable why more independent creatives are building software on their own.

If you’re a freelancer yourself, here are a few of no-code’s biggest benefits for you.

How No-Code Is Helping Freelancers

Streamline client efforts

One of the biggest challenges for any freelancer is to land gigs and connect with quality clients. Even then, juggling a handful of brands and projects can be confusing. With each assignment requiring its own set of deliverables and metrics, it can be exhausting to keep track of all of them.

Thankfully, no-code platforms like Bubble allow creatives to build programs that enable them to monitor responsibilities and check their progress. It doesn’t matter if you have 2, 3, 4, or even 10 clients! When you can personalize apps that tailor-fit the way you work, you can be as efficient as possible.

What’s more, it also helps that you can include invoice plugins in your software, helping you streamline the way you charge your clients more seamlessly.

From the work you do for others to the work systems you deem best for yourself, there’s a lot you can do with no-code.

Create stellar web apps

Freelancers have some of the most inventive minds in all of the globe, and it’s become imperative for portfolios to reflect that; otherwise, how do you convince your clients you’re the one for the job?

With no-code, independent service-based professionals can now build sites that articulate how skilled they are.

And because you call the shots, you can even create web apps where clients can input the kind of service they need from you. On top of that, you can link all of your social media platforms and include a calendar feature that lets prospects schedule a call with you. Awesome examples in this category include Wix and Squarespace, although Bubble and Zyro are also just as great.

Build products for clients and customersproject management apps, job boards, special services websites, etc.

Sure, no-code tools can help you build apps for yourself, but what if we told you monetizing this skillset can also work to your advantage?

Although it’s clearly not a secret, no-code has empowered millions of citizen developers to help brands realize their digital identities and create a strong presence online.

Once you’ve mastered the art of building dynamic web apps with no-code, nothing should stop you from making money out of it too. After all, the possibilities of the apps you can build with no-code are endless.

If you’ve built a career out of managing projects, why not extend what you do to the internet world by creating a project management app for your clients? You can customize it to suit the way they do business, and profit off of a subscription.

If that doesn’t sound like something within your work interests, you can consider developing a job board app that links your clients to the talents they need; think Upwork but niche-driven.

Still not your thing? What about developing a special services web app? If, like you, your client also extends special services to his or her clients, it would be helpful for them to have a web app of their own. From creative agencies to rehabilitation centers, apps that allow customers to choose and customize services they need to avail are more than necessary today.

The truth is, every enterprise can benefit from a web app. Whether customer-facing or not, apps allow business leaders to elevate their game and align their efforts.

What’s Next?

What isn’t next? The advent of no-code has democratized the app development space, and only time can tell how much sooner everyone will be developing their own software.

For now, it’s worth noting how freelancers are optimizing no-code to the best of their abilities. As the freelancing community worldwide continues to expand, expect no-code to further their advancements too.

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