5 Top Bubble Plugins To Maximize Your No-Code App

If you’ve taken the plunge to take up building your own website, mobile app, or web app with Bubble, you must have already been blown away by the immensity of plugins at your fingertips.

One of the many benefits of Bubble grants is how much they can give at less cost. This no-code builder and its community have produced every and all quality plugins to level up your projects making them highly efficient and high-performing.

Because the options are vast, here are some things to look out for when shopping for your next Bubble plugin:


Weighing the balance between functionality and clout in your app is essential. No one would use an app that takes forever to load. So make sure everything you add pulls its own weight and is impactful in the overall performance or branding.


It’s handy to have strong support for the plugins you use that’s got your back for when it gets buggy or issues that affect your ecosystem.


Can you do without it? In app building, sometimes less is more. Having so many things going on on one small screen can be distracting and counter-productive. So it’s wise to crack down on what’s essential and valuable to your brand.

Pros and Cons of Plugins

Incredibly valuable as they are, using plugins has its pros and cons that need to be understood so you can make the most out of it and bring out the best value to your build.

  • Pros
    • Saves you time – Adding a new feature would now only take a few minutes instead of hours laboring on writing code for every single one.
    • Provides support – Much like many no-code app builders, the technical aspect can get overwhelming. Having support for your plugins can take that load off your shoulders.
    • Cost-effective – You don’t have to hire developers to add functionality to your app. Subscription tiers make adding functionality to your app more cost-flexible.
  • Cons
    • Adds clout – Every little thing you add to your build is added weight, which results in your pages loading a tad slower for many no-code platforms.

Plugins to Check Out

1.  Toolbox

This free Bubble plugin is one of the most raved about as it allows you or your no-code developer to run Javascript, unlocking more doors for customization and flexibility. It also has solid support when you hit a bump or a dead-end. A perfect tool to ensure that your app resonates with your particular business needs while remaining true to your branding.

2.  Stripe.js 2

Essential in every business app is creating a friction-free shopping flow for customers. This nifty Bubble plugin manages and processes payments through your app making it easier to checkout, which in turn, improves your sales significantly. The best part? It’s completely free!

3.  VagueTime Timestamps

Yet another free plugin you can use on your app is VagueTime Timestamps. It’s a handy feature that records timestamps for your app and reframes them into vague timestamps making it more palatable for your users. Instead of a stiff, Tuesday, 07 October 2022 07:35:26 GMT, users can simply note “a minute ago” or “5 days ago.

4.  Reload on Update

Any little convenience you can sprinkle into your app is the difference between mechanical from thoughtful ones. This free Bubble plugin automatically reloads the page users are in whenever an update might cause a hiccup.

5.  Advanced Multi Uploader

Adding videos of product features, testimonials, or promotional announcements is a great way to make your app come alive. With little visual nudges to spark interest, your app can be even more interesting to your users – and this Bubble plugin is up for that task. It supports highly customizable images and videos in varying types and sizes.

What’s Next?

In creating your app through a powerful no-code builder like Bubble, you are ensured to succeed in hitting your app goals as it allows a lot of room for creativity without the cost of functionality. Added with equally impressive plugins for support, the tools you need are all laid out in front of you – all you have left to do is start creating!

If you feel a little overwhelmed to build your first app on your own, team MVP.dev is here to partner with your project. Whether it be for a small startup or a bigger brand with a bigger goal, our team is equipped to create your Bubble-powered app that delivers results.

Interested in exploring app ideas? We’re the team to partner with!

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