5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

Part of growing your business is turning it into a brand, and part of growing your brand is making sure your business is visible on every thinkable platform, especially digital mediums. More than anything, the most effective way to increase brand awareness is by being multi-channel.

The more people see your brand in various spaces, the more likely they’ll remember your business name. The truth is, your Facebook page and an Instagram account can only take you so far. Even expert marketers will tell you that.

So, what other options are you left to explore if you’ve exhausted every prominent social media channel there is?

Here’s a wild idea you might not have considered yet: mobile apps.

Today, mobile business applications are one of the leading ways to attract and keep large audiences. They’ve proven to be some of the best tools entrepreneurs can use to better engage with their market. Regardless of industry, apps can help businesses of all sizes widen customer bases and enhance brand retention.

Here are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs need an app for their businesses today

1. You get to build a wider, much stronger audience

It doesn’t matter where your prospects are, you can build beautiful and organic relationships with your customers regardless of wherever they are in the globe. They no longer need to memorize your web address or refer to Google to reach your site. Because apps are installed on the phone, they can simply open it to look around, make a purchase, leave an inquiry, or save an item for later. And depending on your app’s configurations, they can even use it without the internet.

Furthermore, those who install your mobile app enter your customer database. Therefore, it is worth executing multiple marketing tactics to invite even more people to install your business app. For example, consider offering discounts and freebies in return. Newly installed apps can afford a user a free drink, a couple of coupons, or maybe even a freebie of some sort. What’s more, the website + app combo also provides a double dividend for your business. The more your app and site work together, the stronger your digital presence becomes, making it easier for you to rank higher on search engine results pages.

2. You improve your sales in no time

Any business leader knows that every channel that generates income is a channel worth investing in. Depending on how massive and committed your market is, sales growth can happen drastically. With the right push notifications, promotional efforts, and discounts, you can easily motivate your target audience to keep purchasing from you using your brand app. Additionally, you can even customize your promos and bundles, depending on one’s purchases and ‘liked’ items.

Another strong benefit of getting an app for your business is the capacity to make in-app payments, the popularity of which is growing tremendously.

3. You streamline your marketing efforts

It’s easy to catch anyone’s attention when you have jaw-dropping marketing campaigns, but it’s even easier to speak directly to your customers when you’re already on their phones, to start with. In other words, well-studied offers plus a beautiful, easy-to-use mobile app is a sure chance to succeed.

The reality is that having your own brand app is both an on-going advertising project and a never-ending marketing initiative, both of which are essential to keeping your business alive, relevant, and needed.

4. You get to streamline office activities and deliverables

Sure, building an app for your customers guarantees good money, but creating an app for you and the members of your team, works to your advantage just as effectively. When all of the people you work with share a methodical and systemized app, you’re able to unify interactions and minimize manual labor and unnecessary legwork.

From overseeing processes to double-checking stat reports and customer service updates, everyone is in on everyone’s work. Essentially, you’re bidding goodbye to hundreds of emails, a long list of Excel folders, and unneeded walks from one department to another just to deliver papers.

Automation is the future, and the ability to comfortably work from home is a rising trend. All these become much easier to integrate into your office culture when you have an app.

5. You get an additional analytics platform

Perhaps one of the many favorite features entrepreneurs will find to be extra handy with business apps is being able to collect and check valuable information in real-time. For instance, if you have an on-going online sale, it will be easier for you to track which products are selling fast and which ones are taking the backseat. This automatically gives you the chance to come up with promos and bundles at the last minute.

And because your business app is yours, you can choose what functionalities and types of data you want prioritized and collected, making it even easier to determine what trends and purchases sit well with your market.

By tracking the way your customers use your app, you can better understand what efforts you can double on and what initiatives you can maybe take a break from. All in all, consistently studying your market is a crucial aspect of mastering the niche you cater to.

What you need to know

To summarize, business mobile applications are an integral communication and engagement instrument. Additionally, it covers several enterprise aspects for the price of one. Certainly, something you shouldn’t shy away from spending on, especially when you have something as premium, feasible, and user-friendly as bubble.io. A sought after no-code app development platform, Bubble allows anyone and everyone to create an app of their own and launch it in a matter of hours, days, or weeks! Say goodbye to complex, traditional programming languages, and say hello to building an app the easy way!

With Bubble, you don’t need to hire engineers or learn how to code, as the platform conveniently enables anyone to design and develop exceptional mobile applications!

Have a ton of ideas for your business app? Great! Let’s hear them!

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