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The Future of Low-Code Automation

The Future of Low-Code Automation

The need for IT support has never been greater, with automation adoption and usage becoming table stakes in the modern enterprise. A new generation of tech-savvy employees is emerging to supply these powerful software tools; they not only want them but also need them – to help them be more engaged and agile as they progress through their duties and produce results. Low code technology provides a solution by sustaining technical hunger.  Some companies may …

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What To Look for When Investing in A Startup?

What To Look for When Investing in A Startup?

Check These 13 Indicators of Legitimacy.  The Theranos story is a great reminder to always do your due diligence before investing in any company. A legitimate business venture should have nothing but integrity, while an early-stage startup may be full of potential but it’s important not to get too excited about this prospect until you know more information on how they stand apart from other businesses and whether there’s money coming off their sales or …

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Best Bubble Templates

Best Bubble Templates

For this article, we’re jotting down all the best Bubble templates anyone can use today. The no-code space can be overwhelming. We know that it allows non-technical users to thrive and build apps on their own. But, until we become citizen developers ourselves, the concept of developing programs without having to code will be but a dream. If you’re new to the world of visual programming, welcome! Millions of entrepreneurs and brands worldwide have now …

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Bubble is a leading no-code programming platform that’s disrupting the industry & changing the future of app creation.

Bubble uses powerful no-code technology and third-party integration to bring app ideas to life without deep pockets or long runways.

Because Bubble can build apps without traditional development, our clients are able to test & launch their products in a fraction of the time.

With Bubble, anyone can enjoy an easy and efficient build from start to finish – making the impossible possible for teams of all backgrounds.

And when you need support or assistance updating your apps, fixing a bug, or adding new features, help is just a click away.

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