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The MVP.dev Process

MVP.dev is a full-service development agency. At our roots, we’re a software development company that can tackle any technical challenge using a mix of no-code and code to build you the perfect MVP. Below is a list of services we provide during the development of your app.

Note: Some steps below may not apply to your particular engagement with us but are here for completeness.


MVP.dev will provide detailed design specifications before app-building has begun. This will help to ensure that your requested features are included in the required phase and that the requirements for each feature are clearly defined. Upon approval of the specifications, the web design effort will start.


Our professional web designers will create the look and feel of your app in Adobe XD for you to review and provide feedback on. Your app will have a professional and modern design.


Your app build will be performed in 2-week sprints, with a demo available after each sprint.


No software is 100% bug-free. Upon completion and delivery of your application, you have the opportunity to purchase an hourly extended support agreement for feature additions and issue resolution.

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