A small sample of the apps we’ve created. We can make any type of custom application, as well as clone apps like Uber, Yelp, AirBNB, and more.


ForTwo is an app with an innovative concept, providing its users with ideas of activities for… couples!.

The Grubbed

Targeting foodies in the San Diego area, it lists great deals at the best restaurants in the city, no registration or pay in advance required.


HappynGood is both informative and social, allowing users to chat, propose and participate in meetups—a great way to find a motivational buddy.


An enterprise app at its finest–Cyclotron is an incubator and accelerator that serves both as a showcase as well as a calendar for events they organize.


Tributa allows you to easily create meaningful memorial page to honor your lost loved one.



SynthShare is a community to discuss music production and connect with other music makers.


Grow your audience with beautiful collections that are easy to build and customize.

Outreach Dashboard

Simple CRM for marketing and influencer outreach

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