Empower Your Apps with Unparalleled Protection!

Introducing BubbleSecure. Protect your apps and keep constant security watch. Our state-of-the-art program finds flaws and mistakes, ensuring the security and compliance of your sensitive information.

Recent studies have uncovered alarming statistics, revealing that a staggering
of the top 100 Bubble.io apps harbor serious security vulnerabilities.
Your sensitive data deserves uncompromising protection, and we are here to equip you with the tools and expertise needed to effectively mitigate risks.
Comprehensive Security Audits

BubbleSecure is specifically designed to address the most critical areas of concern when it comes to Bubble app security. With BubbleSecure, you can rest assured that your Bubble app is in safe hands.

Here are many key aspects our comprehensive security audits cover:

Data Leaks

We evaluate how your app handles data and put safeguards in place to reduce the chance of intrusion or leakage.

Page Access Protections

We assess the access controls in your app to make sure that only people with the proper permissions may view and use particular pages or sections.

Unapproved Collaborators

We examine your app’s collaborators to detect any unauthorized individuals who might have access, ensuring that only trusted team members are involved.

Clear Data in Login Workflows

We help you eliminate any potential vulnerabilities within your login workflows, ensuring that sensitive information is properly cleared to prevent unauthorized access.

Password Policies

We help you eliminate any potential vulnerabilities within your login workflows, ensuring that sensitive information is properly cleared to prevent unauthorized access.

Swagger Files

We review your Swagger files, identifying potential security loopholes and suggesting improvements to enhance your app’s overall security posture.

API Workflow Protections

We assess your API workflows, identifying potential vulnerabilities and implementing necessary safeguards to protect your app’s data and functionality.

Privacy rules definitions

We protect your data by adhering strictly to our requirements. Keep abreast of changing security standards and confidently and precisely secure your critical information.

Public sensitive fields

We ensure that sensitive data is kept private, even in application features that are visible to the general public, to provide you and your users piece of mind.

Bubble API Tokens

We safeguard and regulate access to the resources used by your application that only authorized parties interact with your priceless data and services.

Visible URL in API calls

We secure your API calls with hidden, discreet URLs to shield sensitive information, preserve data confidentiality, and ensure secure communication within your application.

Public sensitive parameter in API calls

With our advanced measures, we ensure that sensitive information transmitted through API calls remains secure, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Test version protections

We guarantee confidentiality and honesty. Your work-in-progress is safe with our strong test version protections, letting you experiment without worrying about compromising data.

Default username / password combinations

We protect your system using special, unbreakable credentials. You may strengthen your security posture and guard against illegal access by getting rid of default login credentials.

Unsafe Google Maps API tokens

We eliminate unsafe Google Maps API tokens, you can safeguard user privacy and maintain a robust security framework, offering a worry-free mapping experience.

Don’t let your Bubble.io app fall prey to security risks. Choose BubbleSecure and unlock unparalleled protection and expertise for your application.
Need a robust security for your app? Secure your Bubble app with BubbleSecure today and ensure that your valuable data remains out of harm’s reach.
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